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We don’t have to tell you that running a business is complicated, but your business insurance doesn’t have to be. With NSI and our full range of insurance services, you have several options available to protect your business—from employee injuries and Workers Comp, to your property if the storm of the century strikes, or you experience fire or flood damage, or another disaster. Naturally, some of the insurance we offer is legally mandatory, like Workers Comp and Health Insurance, but other insurance may be demanded by creditors or lenders, or landlords.


Getting compete coverage that leaves no gaps and liabilities is essential for financial protection and the very future of your business. Peace of mind comes at a price, but ours is surprisingly affordable. You’ve invested your heart, soul and bank account in your business, bank on NSI for the expertise, explanations and affordability you need to make sure your covered. We make it our business to take your needs personally, giving you the attention and respect you deserve for you hard work and accomplishments.

  • Mandated by law, Workers Comp insurance covers an employee if he or she needs medical treatment and it protects you and your business from potential lawsuits.


NSI Workers’ Compensation Insurance Works Well for You

If you own or operate a business, workers’ compensation insurance is required by law to protect your employees for work-related injuries and pay for doctor, hospital and medical bills. Even if it weren’t legally required, you’d still want to have it to cover lost wages while workers recover and rehabilitate so they can return to happy and productive employment and home life as soon as is safely possible.

Worker’s comp is no fault-insurance and the rules governing it can differ from state to state, so talk to NSI and we’ll help you sort through requirements in Illinois or wherever a WC plan is needed.

If your employee’s health problems persist, our WC plan will pay a long-term benefits, or if the worst happens and an employee dies due to a work-related incident, you can rest assured knowing his or her family will receive a generous insurance benefit.


Count on Complete NSI Competence in Workers’ Comp

  • Suburb claim handling
  • Care that nurses employees back to health
    (just what the doctor and patient ordered).
  • Smart, negotiated rates for affordability: We have connections and negotiate
    on your behalf to get you great coverage at the best possible rates.
  • Affordable, payment solutions that lower large down payments, and eliminate billing charges
  • Recommended, responsible and responsible PPO networks.
  • Pharmacy benefits and much more.

With NSI insurance, you can have confidence in our Workers’ Comp competence and service that sets the standard for responsiveness and care.