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NSI Offers “Through the Roof” Homeowners Insurance

It’s great to be home after a hard day at work. You pull into your garage, pet Rover, the cat, sit down to dinner with your loved ones, and later relax in front of the TV. It’s hard to imagine your peaceful world going up in smoke, or having your basement flooded or even deluged with (ugh) raw sewerage. Did we mention damage from hailstorms, hurricanes and tornadoes? How about liability protection that (optional) protects you if you’re sued by someone accidently, (excuse us), someone who sues you on purpose because they got in an accident for which you’re liable.

At NSI, we won’t rest until we’re sure you can get a good night’s sleep in a properly insured home. We offer coverage that goes through the roof for excellence—at bargain basement annual costs.

Count on an amazingly thorough NSI Homeowners Insurance Policy covers you for the unexpected – beyond what you expected an insurance policy to do.

  • Your NSI homeowners policy is a package that provides coverage for fire, lightning, hail, theft, vandalism and many more perils, even identity theft.
  • It also provides liability coverage in case someone is on your property and gets injured or your cat Rover comes over and scratches visitor. You’ll be covered is Susan Brown decides to sue you.
  • If you ever need a temporary place to live while your house is being rebuilt or repaired, you can be compensated for a hotel or motel room—probably not at the Drake in Chicago, but a very nice place.
  • Your personal property, including things like clothes, furniture, appliances etc. will be covered.
  • A structure such as garage or a shed will also be covered under your homeowners insurance.
  • There are different policies available no matter where you live—in a home, condo, townhouse, duplex, etc., or if you rent. We call it “Castle Insurance”—because everyone’s home is their castle.



Our experienced insurance agents can help guide you to a Homeowners insurance package that preserves your happy home.
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