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Care, Coverage and Affordability Distinguish NSI Health Insurance

Since the 2012 passage by Congress of the Affordable Care Act, the insurance experts at NSI have kept a close watch on the implementation of the act. Now that the ACA is fully implemented, we can advise both individuals and businesses on how to shop at the new and improved health insurance Marketplace online.

There are more health insurance coverage options available through the “Marketplace” than ever before, and that means even more opportunities to find health coverage that fits your individual or family needs and total budget.  

Despite two Supreme Court decisions in favor of the Affordable Care Act, activity against the healthcare reform law is predicted to continue. Let NSI be your guide today and tomorrow for the best plan and most affordable option and any curves that we believe may lie ahead. \

Since knowledge is the best means to smart choices, find more information on subsequent pages regarding: The Affordable Care Act; Disability Income Insurance; and Long Term Care. (Clickable Links)




The Affordable Care Act and Affordable NSI Health Insurance
The Affordable Care Act (ACA) puts you as a consumer back in charge of your healthcare. Under the law, a new “Patient’s Bill of Rights” gives individuals and small businesses (Shops), looking for healthcare insurance, the stability, flexibility and choices they need to make informed decisions about healthcare choices.

Some key aspects of the ACA include:

Changes with Regard to ACA Care

Click here to read about and examine the key features and benefits of the Affordable Care Act.

Open Enrollment for the ACA lasts until____________. Open Enrollment time is when you can compare plans based on price, benefits, and other important features and that’s when NSI can help you enroll in a plan.   After (Date), if you meet the criteria for a Qualifying Life Event like a change in income, getting married or having a baby, you may be able to enroll in an ACA Marketplace plan through a special enrollment period.    

Click here to learn more about how NSI can help you to enroll in new healthcare coverage through the health insurance marketplace. Use this easy ACA Registration form.

Ask Us About an NSI Medicare Advantage Plan (copy from

Medicare is health insurance for people ages 65 and over, and for people under 65 with certain types of disabilities. A Medicare Advantage Plan is a type of Medicare Health Plan offered by a private company (NSI) that contracts with Medicare to provide you with all your Part A and Part B, and often Part D benefits Medicare Advantage Plans include HMO’s, preferred provider organizations, private fee-for-service plans, special needs plans, and Medicare medical savings account plans.