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NSI: One Stop Insurance Shopping, Non-Stop Service


A Short Bio and a Long List of Services

The agency is credentialed in virtually all insurance services, which is a rare phenomenon that translates to less worry and searching around for you. It makes the whole process more convenient, easier, faster and provides one place, one-agency to call for every insurance need and contingency.

Affordability is almost our middle name: It should be “North Shore Affordable Insurance.” We understand the demands on your budget so we search until we find the insurance company exception that rules for you—as a customized yet affordable solution. Erie insurance is one example of many. Only Erie offers Rate-Lock (ask us about it) with the chance to lock up one low auto insurance rate forever—no matter how many accidents you’re in.

This is innovative and that should be another part of our name: “North Shore Affordable Innovative Insurance.” To us, standard answers and options don’t usually do, so we find new, different and imaginative ways to help Individuals and Business Owners like you to achieve their insurance and retirement goals.


Our Commitment—Lead by Following 5 Unbendable Rules

From day one, we’ve been committed to leading the way in insurance excellence on the North Shore by following 6 rules we never break or stretch.

  1. Prompt response, day or night
  2. Top coverage at exceptional rates
  3. Careful listening to your specific needs
  4. Aggressively protecting you, your business, your family,
         your health, wealth and future
  5. Care and service on demand
  6. Remember those who help and support you and the ones
       and the charities everyone should support

Our Mission is Collaboration to Maximize Your Protection

Our mission at NSI is to establish a relationship with our clients based on mutual trust. We are dedicated to achieving positive, proactive and powerful results though and open, honest and direct discussion of your needs and expectations. We pledge to serve as your advocate, focusing our attention on putting your best interest first.

We Serve the Community, and Charities that Serve Us All

In addition to the services we provide our clients, North Shore Insurance (NSI) is dedicated to giving back to our community. Individually and as a group, we participate in community organizations like the thriving Northbrook Chamber of Commerce ( and support local and national charities and organizations.